The Dwelling Place mission is to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Dwelling Place's desire is to impact the world around us in such a way that it reflects the teachings of Christ. We will accomplish this by using the guidance of the Holy Spirit to make disciples of all people. Understanding that young people are the hope of the future, we strive to raise up a generation of young people who are secure, strong, empowered to face all temptation, and who are victorious in all areas of their life. It is our deep desire to restore family relationships by making Christ the Head of the Home. The Dwelling Place is a body of believers who are committed to passionately seeking Jesus Christ, being empowered by Him, persistent is His calling, and always planning for His return.


  • Dwelling Place Spheres of Culture:
    At the Dwelling Place we believe that we can accomplish the mission that God has given to us by operating under three spheres of culture.

    Refuge: What makes people feel secure?
         We believe that we can provide a safe place for people to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ by adhering to each of the following:
    * We speak life into every person that comes through the doors-words that edify, build up, and bring grace to the hearers. 

    * We cover everyone with prayer. 

    * Judgement, criticism, and pointing the finger are overcome by seeing the God-given potential of every person in our community. 

    * We love people radically by doing so with the unconditional love that was shown to us when He sent Jesus to die for each and every one of us.

    Truth: How is Truth expressed to every person?
         We believe that Truth (Jesus) has the power to set people free- truly free. Therefore, we believe that we can be a community that is built on truth by establishing each of the following:
    * Understanding that Jesus is the Truth, we cultivate an intimate relationship with Him.

    * We will be committed to the truth of God’s Word.

    * We speak and exalt the opinion of God over our own opinions or the opinions of man.

    * We intentionally lead people to Jesus.

    Freedom: How are people moved into freedom?
         We believe that it was for the freedom of each and every person that Jesus came and went to the cross.     Therefore, we believe that freedom can be a reality for every person by adhering to each of the following:
    * Providing refuge by giving people the grace to grow spiritually.

    * Personal and community commitment to Truth that is evident by movement toward spiritual maturity. 

    * A determination to see the freedom of Christ become a reality in every person’s life.

    * Accountability that does not allow freedom to be a pretext or cover-up for sin.